The Saint-Sulpice Tradition

Sunday 7 July 2024

Music from the organists of the Church of Saint-Sulpice, Paris

The Saint-Sulpice Tradition

Music for choir and organ from the celebrated composers employed at this church of the Paris nobility

New College Chapel, Oxford

Sunday 7 July 2024, 7.30pm


With the eyes of the world on Paris this summer for the Olympic Games, the Cherwell Singers pays tribute to the musical traditions of one of the most monumental Parisian churches, the church of Saint-Sulpice.

For just over one hundred years the position of organist was held by two great organist composers, Charles-Marie Widor, and Marcel Dupré, and our concert includes Widor’s grand setting of the mass for choir and two organs, as well as the four sacred motets of his pupil, Marcel Dupré.

2024 also marks the centenary of the death of Gabriel Fauré, who held the position of choirmaster briefly at Saint-Sulpice while Widor was organist. We shall also therefore be featuring some of his choral works, including the much loved Cantique de Jean Racine. The famous Cavaillé-Coll organ of Saint-Sulpice is regarded as that organ builder’s masterpiece, but Donal McCann, who will be making his final concert appearance as assistant organist at New College with this concert, will be exploring the full tonal possibilities of the impressive New College organ in solo works, as well as when accompanying the choir.

If you can’t travel to Paris this summer then let the Cherwell singers bring Paris to you.