Stanford 100

Sunday 24 March 2024

A celebration of solo and choral works by Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924) to mark the centenary of his death

Stanford 100

The Chapel of Mansfield College, Mansfield Road, Oxford

Sunday 24 March, 7.30pm

In the week of the one hundredth anniversary of his death The Cherwell Singers presents a programme of music by the Anglo-Irish composer, music teacher, and conductor, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. Born in Dublin, educated at Cambridge, Leipzig and Berlin, Stanford was one of the founding professors at the Royal College of Music, where he had a long and distinguished career. But tonight we focus on his music, which continues to be a staple of the choral tradition of this country. We have tried to show a variety of pieces that by no means fully do justice to his output, ranging from sacred to secular, unaccompanied as well as with organ and piano, English and Latin, and solo works as well as purely choral ones. Stanford has always been admired for the beauty of his melodic lines, as well the quality of his writing, so we hope you enjoy our humble tribute to this musical figure who did much to lift the musical reputation of this country in the late Romantic era.